Bullies – They Are Not All Human




When we think of bullies, people naturally come to mind, but there are other types of bullies as well.  In the South sit our environmental bullies.  Mother Nature is an obvious example.  Tornados, hurricanes, floods, wildfires and other natural disasters directly impact us but there are other ways the weather can dominate us, too.  When the snow falls and schools are delayed or we get stuck in traffic, we have been bullied by our environment.


In the West we have time and space bullies.  Sometimes we feel as though we simply do not have enough time to get everything done, or on the other hand, we could find ourselves in a holding pattern waiting for things to happen over which we have no control.  A work environment that is distracting or too crowded is a form of abuse.  Deadlines, overextended schedules, and late flights with on-time connections are a few more examples of time/space bullies.


Situational bullies sit in the North.  Any institution or organization that has influence or control over your life has the potential to be a situational bully.  If you have ever had an error on a bill or important legal or medical record that needed to be corrected, you have dealt with a situational bully. Other examples include a car that will not start and an auto club that is understaffed and overworked, a doctor running late and a waiting room full of screaming children coupled with an intense headache, and an officer that has confused your car for one used in a robbery are all examples of situational bullies.


The two-legged bullies sit in the East.  Most bullies do so unconsciously.  They do not consider themselves to be bullies.  As an actress, I was trained that when playing the antagonist, one must always approach the role as that of a hero.  This makes perfect sense because the “bad guy” never thinks of himself as bad.  He is doing what he believes to be just.  When we approach our two-legged bullies, we must remember this basic fact.  This means that we can be bullies to other people without being aware of it.  We will find our behavior to be quite acceptable and justified.


The Bullies Teaching is part of a much larger teaching about the Mirrors of Self-reflection.  The Mirrors of Self-reflection is a lesson about the masks we wear in life.  This lesson will be covered in another book.  People use a mask when they want to disguise themselves.  Masks also provide protection.   People wear the mask of a bully for these same reasons.  We wear the mask of a bully because we are obsessed with having control.  We fear not having control over our own lives and environment.  We fear the unknown.  The bully mask gives us the illusion of being in control of these things.  We think we are protecting ourselves or our loved ones when we wear the mask of a bully. Recognizing it on another’s face is easy, recognizing it on our own face takes practice.


Like almost everything of importance on the Native Strength path, there is a wheel to explain the two-legged bullies.  The petty, nuisance, bothersome bully sits in the South.  They are like the fly that keeps buzzing around your head until you give it your undivided attention.  There is a sly, devious and cunning bully in the Southwest that will use any backhanded means necessary to get his way.  Brutal and vicious people sit in the West and they use physical means to force their will on others.  The bullies who make you feel guilty and use sadness to get their way sit in the Northwest. The bully of the North puts other people down with their words and attacks their beliefs.  When a person hurts your feelings and keeps doing it in order to gain control or power over you, you have run into a Northeast bully.  They can provoke you into a fit of rage and not understand why you are angry.  The ruling bully sits in the East.  This can be a head of state that uses the military to impose their will. We will explore all of these bullies in depth.





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