When we are preoccupied with what has happened in the past or frequently give in to worry over the future, we forget to live life in the present. This leaves us at the mercy of others and circumstances beyond our control and not in charge of our own destiny.  We are confused and in the dark and we blame life and others for our reality rather than creating the new realities of which we dream.  When male and female energies are balanced we are able to do as we say and be the example we wish to set for others.  Our inner personas are in the west and it is by communicating with them that we are able to live in the present, see the past in a new light and envision a future we can manifest into reality.


When we are fully aware of our own shortcomings and abilities, we are better prepared to engage the world.  We can present to others a being that is not afraid to admit what he does not know and cannot do.  We are eager to learn new things, explore the world, and interact with others.  The purpose of life is to learn and grow, to evolve and share knowledge.  This is impossible without communication.  Our contemporary society has shown us that the broader and faster the communication, the more interconnected we become.


Knowledge always brings power and conquers the fear of the unknown.  We have the ability to choose not to be afraid.  When we have no fear, we are better prepared for learning.  Naturally, we should be afraid of things that could bring us danger, but knowledge is never dangerous. It is our duty to continue to learn for as long as we are alive.


The West is the place of the physical body and where we are able to transform energies.  For example, we can transform our anger into enthusiasm.  This is how we prove those who said we were incapable of success to be wrong.  If we are negative, we believe what we have been told in the past about what kind of person we are and how the world works.  We become paralyzed by fear and too worried about what may happen in the future to manifest our own reality.




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  1. Bravoo. Thank you for sharing.
    My mantra at all times goes like this

    (It is my responsibility to take self responsibility for how I feel at all times.)

    We truly create at all times from how we vibrate.


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