Phil loved music since he was a little boy.  Even as a baby he would rock in time to the songs he heard in the car.  When he was in grade school, he began playing the trumpet and he loved it.  He would blow that thing night and day and he was pretty good.  In high school, he loved being part of the marching band.  He had a solo at the homecoming.


One night during his senior year, the family was on their way home from a night at the movies when they were involved in an accident.  A car ran a red light and ran right into the side of the family vehicle.  Phil suffered the worst of it and he had a punctured lung from a broken rib.  After a few months, he was as good as new.  When he tried to play his trumpet, though, he just didn’t have the breath he needed any more.


Phil saw doctors and they gave him asthma medicine to improve his lung capacity and it helped a little, but it was not enough to play a brass instrument.  That did not deter Phil for long.  If he could not play the trumpet, he would pick another instrument, and so he chose the violin.  He came to the violin rather late compared to all the other kids in his senior orchestra class and he struggled to keep up.  He enjoyed the change in music and the new styles he was exposed to.  When he went to college, he decided to keep it up because it brought him such joy.


Phil also enjoyed tennis.  It was something he had always played but as time went on, his elbow was starting to bother him.  When he was playing violin one day and the pain came back in his bow arm, he grew very discouraged.  Eventually, he gave up violin entirely.


It seemed like everything he loved was being taken away from him.  Why was the universe so against him?  All he had ever wanted to do was play music!  Phil was very depressed and was not sure what to do with his life.  He went to the beach to sit for a while, watch the waves come in, and try to figure out what he would do in the future.


While he was watching a seagull fly overhead, it dawned on him that the drum major and the conductor had the real power.  They were the ones who controlled the entire musical ensemble and dictated how slow or fast, how soft or loud a piece would be played.  Like the seagull, they had the wider vision.  All of a sudden, he knew what he wanted to be.  He wanted to conduct an orchestra.  It would be like playing all of the instruments at the same time!  It wouldn’t take any strength on his bad elbow, no powerful lungs would be required, and he would love every minute of it.


Phil did not let the things that happened to him in life stop him from following his sacred dream.  He started to take classes that led him down the path of a successful orchestra conductor and lived a very happy life.




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