Penny grew up poor but she always found beauty in small things, like flowers.  She wanted to own a flower shop when she grew up and one day she made her dream a reality.  Things were going pretty well until a terrible fire destroyed the shop and the insurance didn’t pay her what the store was worth.  Not long after, her husband threw out his back at work.  After a few months with no resources to rebuild her business and her husband still too injured to work, it was getting very difficult to put food on the table.


Penny decided they didn’t need two cars.  They decided to sell one and Penny got a job at a local department store.  Their house was beautiful, but it was near the old flower shop in an expensive area of town that they no longer could afford.  After discussing it, they decided to put the house up for sale and find a more reasonable place.   The home they lived in did not have room to grow flowers or vegetables in the yard, so they thought it might be nice to have a place with a bit of a yard and they began their search.


It wasn’t long before they had found a smaller home in a quiet area where they could grow food and flowers and Penny’s husband could recuperate.  She canned food for the family that fall and sold produce and flowers on the side of the road.  She would drive to a more populated area where people would buy the things she had grown.  She arranged flowers in lovely vases and bouquets. She displayed fresh fruits and vegetables from the trunk of her car. Her business was especially good on the weekends and by the time her husband was ready to go back to work; Penny was supporting them fairly well now that their expenses were so much lower.


Penny was not afraid to make the sacrifices necessary to bring her family back from financial devastation.  She prioritized their needs first, then their wants and lastly, their desires.  Her maturity and hard work kept them from bankruptcy, or worse.




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