Perry grew up in the woods.  He learned to care for injured birds and deer when he was a young boy.  He loved feeding the animals and providing for them in the winter.  As he grew, his connection to nature became even stronger and he found a wonderful woman who had just finished veterinarian school to share his life.


Together,  they began a life in the country where his wife helped the local farmers take care of their livestock.  As time went on, they grew successful and had a horse of their own.  One day,  there was a forest fire.  It started small and all the volunteer firemen and women worked tirelessly to contain it, but the winds picked up and it spread beyond what they could handle.  Despite the help from surrounding communities, several houses and barns had been destroyed before it was done.  Perry helped fight the fire and didn’t know his own barn had burned.


When he came home exhausted after working on the fire lines for days on end, it was late at night and he couldn’t see that the barn was gone.  He came through the door and found his wife crying at the kitchen table.  She told him what had happened, how their horse had been lost running from the fire.  She was beside herself with grief.  He was on his last legs from his hard battle with the fire, but he pulled himself together and held her in his arms and told her it would be okay.  He said they would hunt for the horse in the morning when it was light outside and they could see better.  He assured her that they could rebuild and find the horse and they slept in each other’s arms.


In the morning they searched the area for their four-legged family member.  They called to the wind, they asked neighbors, they stopped cars on the road, but no one had seen the horse.  Perry’s wife was distraught.  Again he put her needs ahead of his and comforted her as they continued to search.   As the sun was taking its last rays away from the day, a silhouette appeared on the horizon.


The barn was gone, where would the horse stay?  His wife wanted to stay outside with her to make sure she did not run off, but this would mean his wife would have to stay awake all night.  Perry knew how much the horse meant to her.  She needed the horse to be safe after having lost the barn and thinking that she had lost her horse too.  He knew what he had to do.


Perry opened the front door, went to the kitchen and got some carrots out of the refrigerator.  Then he put the stopper in the kitchen sink, turned on the tap, and began to fill it with water.  He went out and coaxed the horse into the kitchen and she spent the night there, drinking out of the sink.  The mess she made was worth it to see the tears of joy on his wife’s face.  They spent the night sleeping with the horse in the kitchen.  It was one of the most memorable and romantic nights of his life.


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