Natasha was a happy child.  She wanted to please those she loved and it was important to her to always do the right thing.  She did not like to make mistakes and so she was very careful and deliberate.  When it came time to decide on a college, she couldn’t make up her mind, and so her parents decided it would be best if she went to the school they had both gone to.


That was fine with her; she really wasn’t sure what she wanted to study, so she thought this school was a good choice as it had many opportunities.  She took a wide variety of classes and was happy to explore all the options.  The time for her to pick a major came way too soon.  She defaulted again to her parents to decide for her what would be best.  They felt very uncomfortable making the decision for her, but since they were paying for her education and her procrastination was costing them money, they eventually decided on education.


Natasha had a boyfriend who had asked her to move in with him more than once, but she wasn’t sure if it would be a good idea.  She didn’t want this to ruin their relationship and she wasn’t sure if she was that serious about him yet.  Eventually, he stopped calling and coming by to see her.  A few weeks later, she saw him with another girl.  She didn’t know why he had left her and assumed she had made the right decision not to move in with him.


After she graduated from college, she began working at the same grade school she had graduated from years before.  It was there that she met her husband.  It took three proposals and a lot of convincing from her parents before she finally accepted his offer.  They were wed in the lovely little church she had been baptized in not far from the school.


Natasha’s husband made all of the decisions for the family and that was fine with her.  She didn’t want the responsibility if something went wrong.  When Natasha wanted to start a family, her husband said it wasn’t time because they couldn’t afford it, so she went along with it.


Years went by and whenever Natasha would bring up the subject of starting a family, it was never the right time according to her husband.  Finally, she asked how much money they would need to start a family.  Her husband realized how important it was to her, and so they decided to have a baby.


Natasha was now forty-five years old.  The years had passed and she had done as her husband had said, but now it was too late for her to conceive.  After over a year of trying, her doctor explained it would take expensive fertility treatments that may not work if she was ever going to carry a child.  Natasha’s husband did not think it prudent to spend the money.  They never had children.


Natasha’s husband died of a heart attack a few years later and she was left alone.  She still did not know how to make decisions for herself and lived a very sad and lonely life.




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