Negative Choices


Noah grew up in a rough neighborhood. He had learned the hard way that the only way to get through life was to be tough as nails.  He played hard but he worked even harder.  He was always pushing to expand his business and crush the competition.  After serving his country, he felt he had earned the right to a little respect from his friends, family, and countrymen.  Noah seemed quite successful, indeed.


However, Noah couldn’t keep a girlfriend very long.  They always complained that he was too tough, too macho and that he wouldn’t let his true feelings show.  This is how he survived combat, growing up and became successful in business!  He just had to find the right woman who would understand.  Noah’s parents tried to remind themselves their son was a successful businessman, but there was no denying the pain they felt when he neglected to call for months on end.  Their conversations were always about work and success and never about how they were feeling or if they were missed.  Noah did miss them and love them terribly, but he knew that showing it was a sign of weakness.  He was not that little boy that was weak and downtrodden long ago!  He would hide his secret even from himself because he had bought into the belief that only losers and morons are weak.  Besides, if he shared his successes with his parents, they would be proud of him.


Noah appeared to have many friends because people admired his success.  People wanted to be seen with such a respected and accomplished man.  In private, though, Noah wondered if people would like him if he were not the decorated soldier and successful business man.  Was he nothing more than an obedient soldier and worker?  Is that all people liked about him?




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