When something happens, perhaps we may decide it has been very bad. Years later when we look back, we may find it really was a blessing in disguise.  Years ago when my house burned down, I became very sad and depressed.  I was glad no one was hurt, but I still mourned the loss of my possessions.  When insurance paid for a bigger, better, newer home that was deeper into my land so that no one could see it from the road, I knew I had come out ahead.  There is an old story I once heard that illustrates this point.


There was a king with two sons.  The oldest was out hunting one day and broke his leg.  This would seem like a very bad thing.  A few days later, a neighboring kingdom surprised them with an attack.  Since the son was wounded, he could not fight and so was spared any danger.  The battle was fierce and his father and brother both perished, but since he had a broken leg, he was spared and could lead the kingdom.    By the time the prince’s leg had healed, the kingdom had regrouped and was ready to attack their enemy.  With the healed prince leading the way, they were victorious.  If the prince had not broken his leg in the hunting accident, he would have been defending his homeland in the first surprise attack and might have perished.  Since he was injured, he was able to lead the kingdom to victory in the retaliation attack.  Something good came from something bad.


The choices we make will have an affect on us for years to come.  Some will be good, some will be bad, but most will be hard to recognize as positive or negative until we look back on them in retrospect.  Therefore, the Native American ancestors have given us guidelines to help us along the way.  One of the best tools for choosing a positive life can be found in the Wheel of Life teaching.  I have outlined this teaching in my book Native Strength – The First Step on the Path to an Indomitable Life.  In this book, Stories Around the Wheel of Life, I give you examples of how these choices may manifest in daily life.


I will share the meaning of the eight directions around the Wheel of Life and then provide four stories as examples of the four possibilites within each or us whether we be male or female.  You will read stories of the Negative Female balanced by stories of the Positive Female, and then corresponding stories of both the Negative and Positive Male. Please keep in mind that both men and women can choose to use both female and male energy in negative ways, just as both men and women can choose to use male and female energy in positive ways. I hope you will find these stories informative and helpful  in making decisions in your daily life.




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