How am I moving through life? Do I know for sure which path I am on and where my next step will be or am I just moving from one catastrophe to another, catching myself as best I can before I fall? Are my steps carefully placed on a trodden path that others have walked, assuring my arrival at a predetermined final destination with many others? Am I dancing to my own heartbeat with a timing I know to be impeccably right for my own unique needs that will lead me to the completion of a fulfilling and well choreographed dance?

When it feels like I am falling through life, how do I regain my balance? How do I recover when it feels like others are pushing and pulling at me, forcing me to spend my life in a state of unbalance and semi-controlled chaos. I have not quite regained my balance from one potential fall only to find I have tripped over the next stumbling block. How can I stop this roller coaster ride long enough to catch my breath, let alone my balance? Obstacles are coming at me faster than I feel I can avoid them and taking a time out is a luxury I cannot afford.

There are times in life where I have followed a common road that promised a particular outcome at its’ completion, though I have never been one to be able to avoid the temptation of a short-cut. If there was a faster way, even though it may have entailed rougher terrain, I always chose it. This was not always wise.

My most successful journeys have been traversed at my own pace and a route forged in a fashion few would find viable. They were successful not because I got to my destination faster or easier, but rather, because the trek itself was worth traversing.

Many famous personalities say that their struggle for success was far more rewarding than the victory they achieved at having become well known for their work. It was the journey that provided them with the most opportunity to grow and observe beauty in themselves and others. It is through our struggle in life that we find our inner strength and beauty. People who have always had things given to them rarely develop character.

It is therefore, integral that we make the time along the way to sit and admire what we have done, how far we have come, how well we are handling the current terrain. No one knows what we have overcome but ourselves and therefore, no one can appreciate our strength, stamina and fortitude completely. When we have arrived at our destination, the memories won’t mean as much without having ingrained them at the proper time and it is during our struggle that we need this appreciation and encouragement the most.

So I must remind myself that no matter how chaotic life has become, there must always be time for me. I will carve out the time I need because that is how I insure I function optimally. It is better to take the time I need and do things right than to simply fall through life feeling out of control and at the mercy of others.


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