The Brain

brain-coral-1669995_1280Who are we? What are we? Some theorize we are part of a universal simulation, a computer algorithm that can be broken down to a binary code. Does that really matter? Does it make any difference to us when the children are crying, the bills need to be paid or the roof is leaking?

One could say that we are the life support system for a brain. Our bodies are uniquely developed to supply our brain with all the things we need. We can supply our “computer” with nutrients to keep it running, take out the garbage and rid our system of toxins, expose it do different environments and provide it with pleasurable experiences to increase the quality of life and provide it with endorphins and oxytocins.

What is the purpose of life? It could be argued that the purpose is to learn, to grow and gather knowledge to be passed down for future generations. Indeed we have no choice in the matter for life forces us to learn and grow. When we interact with others, we quite naturally pass on what we have learned through our actions and words without giving it much thought. It comes naturally to us.

When we look at our lives in this manner it becomes obvious that whatever has sustained the physical body in order for it to fulfill its’ purpose must be a contributing factor to imparting knowledge to the greater whole. The food we ate, the clean water and air we consumed, were necessary in order for our computer, our mind, to function properly to provide knowledge for the betterment of life. If Einstein had never been properly nourished and his body sustained, he could have never conceived the theory of relativity.

When one considers this correlation, it becomes imperative that we provide healthy food, clean air, and water, as well as a safe environment for our children and grandchildren if we care about the inhabitants of this world and the future of science and technology. If we want to see us advance as a species and progress, we must make the things that contribute to a healthy, functioning mind a priority. We did not make it to the moon on sub-par food, contaminated water and air, and with the help of minds poisoned by a toxic environment.

When we want an engine to perform optimally, we construct it with high-quality materials and we power it with the best fuel we can find. We lubricate it with high-velocity oil and care for it with frequent maintenance. This is how we should respect our bodies if we want our brains to work properly. Our minds are not only responsible for solving math problems and such, but they are where are emotions reside. Our emotions may be out of balance if our bodies are not properly cared for.

Native Americans have given us a recipe for the proper care of our minds. It is seen in the medicine wheel. In the North is wisdom. This stands for the inner knowing that can only come from taking the time to turn off the exterior world and going within to communicate with ones’ self. In the East is enlightenment. This is the knowledge we gain from others. This can be in the form of books, movies or personal observation and communication. In the South are joy, trust, innocence, music, and fun. If we do not have these things in our life we will be unhappy and unbalanced. It is part of how we incorporate what we have learned and wrap it in beauty. In the West is the physical body and we must exercise it in order to keep the oxygen and blood flowing, in addition to providing it with the proper fuel. In the center is the creative/sexual force. This does not mean we should have promiscuous sex, but rather that we must honor the need for a sexual release that can also be creative.

Beyond that, there are five areas outside of ourselves we are to be aware of and balance. Our family life, social world, political environment, financial situation and governmental body all interact with us to influence who we are and how we will behave.


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