Rising with the sun again.  Gotta get up and out on time.

From the start to the end, workin’ hard and barely gettin’ by.

Sometimes I just wanna quit, give up, not give a damn,

But I’m tied down to it, the “universal scam.”

They use me, abuse me, won’t give me my way.

Pushing for, demanding more, I hide the core away.

Sacrifice my Sacred Dream, forget myself, give to the team

There’s nothing left anyway, I already gave it all away.


There’s never any time for me.  No time to grow or just to be.

I gotta work all the time, erase the guilt that’s planted in my mind.

Born free but taxed to death, I can’t seem to get ahead.

The more I work, the less I get.  I never get my needs fed.

Un-engage, embrace the change and rearrange my goal.

It’s over time, step out of line and redefine my role.

I’m takin’ back my Sacred Dream.  I know you know what I mean, now.

Can’t keep me down anymore.  Just watch me, I’m gonna soar!


Gonna be who I wanna be now, listen to my heart from  now on.

You’d better make time for you, or you’ll be singing this song!

There’s a reason I was put here.  I got a gift that only I can give.

Nobody’s gonna interfere.  Without my dream, I WON’T LIVE!

Got self-esteem, it’s now mainstream, my Sacred Dream, my way!

Take the word of what you’ve heard and undeterred, your way.

Take back your Sacred Dream.  I know you know what I mean, now.

Take back your Sacred Dream.  It’s YOUR Sacred Dream.